We’ve been working with the Azalea Festival since 2013 and have provided a wide array of services including brand films, sponsor highlight films, same day edits, public screenings, social media management, event photography, and television commercials.  The needs of the festival change year-by-year and we have developed a variety of ways to enhance the festival’s visual image over time.

This year, we produced the festival’s television commercials and photographed the events of the festival.  We partnered closely with their team to stream images in real time to their social media outlets as well as to feature in daily newsletters.  Striking while the iron is hot produces greater viral engagement!  In addition to producing engaging content in real time, the festival also uses these images to market the organization on their website and in other visual formats.  There are even photos from the festival in a local Applebee’s!

We love working with businesses that have a long-term, holistic focus.  Over the course of time, we are able to create a large scope of work that solidifies a brand across an array of platforms creating cohesiveness and a strong visual identity.

We’ve grown up with the Azalea Festival and it’s such a pleasure to be a part of such a long-standing Wilmington tradition!

Below, you’ll find images from a variety of events during the festival highlighted by the concert performances by Duran Duran, Jason Derulo, Cole Swindell, Morris Day and The Time, and The Temptations.


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