What specific services do you offer?
We are a full service production company and are experts in the fields of video production and photography.  We also love to help businesses with their overall marketing strategy to include logo design, collaterals like business cards and brochures, and social media management.  Additionally, we are fully capable of providing aerial videography and photography, special effects and graphics, image retouching, and writing engaging copy.

How is your pricing structured?
Each project comes with its own standards, challenges, and specific needs.  We build our budgets around the requirements of each individual project.  After an initial consultation to understand the scope of what is required, we will follow up with a custom quote encompassing a range of options based on what we learn about your business and it’s specific production goals.

How long does it take to complete a project?
The project timeline is largely dependent on the scope of production required.  We do understand that time is money and work hard to ensure that we stay on schedule throughout the process from pre-production to delivery.

What cameras (or other related tech) do you use?
We are a group of techy folks and love to work with the latest gear.  However, each project is different, so we choose the tools we use to tell a brand’s story based on that individual story.  IE:  Sometimes shooting in 4K makes sense.  Sometimes aerial shots are called for (we have our Part 107 certification from the FAA to fly commercial drones).  Sometimes we need an underwater housing.  Sometimes a Go Pro is useful.  It all depends on the story we are telling and we adapt our tools to tell it in the most effective way possible.

How do we get started?
The first step is to tell us a bit about your business and your project goals.  We will follow up to arrange a brief initial consultation over the phone to make sure we are both the best options for one another.  We’re very much a face-to-face company and always love to meet a potential client in person to talk through our entire process and define all of the project parameters.  If we are unable to meet, we are quite adept at working over Skype/FaceTime and the like.  A custom proposal will follow our meeting and, if everything sounds amiable, we’ll get started on pre-production.  Easy as pie!