We have worked with Freaker USA on a few different project down the years.  They have such a unique brand, business model, and product!  We always love the energy they bring to the table, the concepts they come up with, and, really, just being around their team.  Each project is always so creative and fun!

Zach reached out to us for help on a new Kickstarter campaign for their brand new product, Freaker Feet:  A sock that is designed in the same vein as their very popular Freakers.  Their goal was large ($250,000), but so was their idea, and we knew instantly that we wanted to be a part of  the project.


We worked with a long-time friend and collaborator, Oliver Mellan, on a narrative script for the Kickstarter video and soon set the wheels in motion for a multi-day shoot chock full of irreverence.  Freaker walk such an awesome line with their brand between being completely silly, but also sticking to their fundamental values of being American-made and producing high quality products that really resonate with their clients.

Clearly, folks loved the campaign and we are happy to say that it not only reached their goal (total cash raised = $255,264), but surpassed it, and even became a featured project on the Kickstarter website!

Visuals and a great marketing plan are absolutely essential to a successful crowd sourcing campaign and nobody does it better than Freaker!  We were happy to be a part of this success and even more pleased to see such a fantastic company bring brilliant new products to the market!


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