Port City Java contacted us a few years ago to help revamp their image by photographing their menu for use in a variety of ways in their coffee shops and on their website, social media, etc. We also discussed creating a brand film for them to use at trade shows as well as strategically on social media and web. Steve contacted us a little ways down the line when PCJ were ready to enhance their image again with an engaging video.

We. drink. a. lot. of. coffee. And we drink a lot of coffee from PCJ. That’s a pretty good indicator if a brand is a good fit — Do you use their product yourself? Check and check!

We quickly began working on a concept with their creative team that would highlight, not only the day-to-day operations of their many locations, but also send a message to potential franchisees interested in opening new shops in their towns or on college campuses. With this dual purpose in mind, we created two separate films to address each need. The first (featured above) is a more straight-forward brand film and the second is used in trade shows and to send, privately, to individuals interested in joining the PCJ family.

Apart from the longer films mentioned above, we also created 30-second spots for social media and local television. We were able to address all of their businesses needs while also creating engaging content that they can use for years to come. (And we learned a lot about what goes into making delicious coffee!)


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