James Ethan Clark

As a musician, the fact became pretty clear to me at an early stage that if you produce a quality product, people will listen. It was that mindset that drew me towards Blueberry Commercial. I approached them about a project, and they took it on almost immediately. We had several meetings beforehand to brainstorm about ideas, locations, etc… and after 3 months, we were shooting my first music video. Working with such a talented collective group of minds set the bar very high for me – I’ve since relocated to Nashville, TN from Wilmington and have yet to find a group that made me feel as comfortable in front of a camera as they did. Now that’s what you call one heck of an impression.

Liz Carroll, 2015 NC Azalea Festival President

Blueberry Commercial is like no one else in the market. Their creativity and ability to think about the subject matter they are focusing on in a different way sets their work apart. They push boundaries and approach each project with unique and fresh eyes. When the Azalea Festival partnered with Blueberry Commercial, they took the festival’s photography and videography to a new level. The quality of images and video the festival was able to use for social media, web, and other marketing materials set the Azalea Festival apart from other festivals throughout the country and world. Not only does Blueberry Commercial deliver an exceptional product, they are an extremely hardworking team and a delight to work with.

Zach Crain, CEO, Freaker USA

I love the pants off of Blueberry Commercial!  They give me the freedom to spit out half a concept, throw some people in a room, and then they show up with their beautiful manly faces and find a way to capture it all and produce an amazing finished product!  In life, I’d suggest a full concept and great plan going into a shoot, but it’s rare and exciting to know you’re working with a crew that can make crumbs work!  

Steven Schnitzler, CEO, Port City Java

When we decided to expand our message from print media into video, we weren’t sure how to approach it, or exactly what visuals to use to transmit who we are as a brand, and how we want to represent ourselves. Blueberry Commercial did an exceptional job of capturing the message we wanted to get out about ourselves, and really exceeded our expectations. We were all blown away by the final product, and it features prominently in every video media we put out, and will be used extensively in cable spots we will be rolling out this year.