We met Liz Carroll in 2012 when she set up an initial meeting to talk with us about working with the NC Azalea Festival. Since then, we’ve worked with the festival for the past four years and absolutely love that collaboration. During that initial meeting, though, she also planted a seed regarding a personal film she was trying to make. Actually, she didn’t know exactly what she was trying to do, but she knew she wanted to do something. That something ended up coming to fruition four years later when we worked with her and her family to create a legacy documentary about her grandfather: “The Coach”.

Dave Harris lived quite a life and our job with this short documentary was to tell his story. The filming coincided with a high school stadium dedication in Charlotte and afforded us the opportunity to include scenes from that night as well as a chance to interview several of Coach Harris’ former players and colleagues.

This is a man that touched many lives and had a vast impact on his community. He was a professional football player for the Detroit Lions, but his legacy is best told through the people he helped shape via a phenomenal career as a high school football coach and as a Charlotte and North Carolina philanthropist.

It was truly an honor to work with Liz and her family to create such a cherished piece of their history and to help preserve the legacy of a North Carolina treasure, Coach Dave Harris.


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JoAnn Shoup Burleson
Beautifully done! So glad to see Boogie Smith, Donnie Cates, Eddie Moore, Jimmy Roland, and Leroy Holden pay their respects to this wonderful outstanding Football Coach and leader. Mary Arden Harris was just important in this tribute to Coach Harris. All who knew him also cherished her friendship. A perfect example to all who would follow their legacy in life, family, and career. JoAnn Shoup Burleson Harding High School class of 1953
April 1
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